Loeul & Piriot

The market leader of rabbit and kid meat


LOEUL & PIRIOT- the rabbit and kid meat specialist for decades.

LOEUL & PIRIOT is historically the “go to” specialist for rabbit and kid meat. A family business set up in 1906, our group is today the European leader in kid and rabbit meat processing. We have three production sites with 470 employees.

We have always had the trade knowledge to develop and improve our production methods. The MALICIEUX brand, launched in 1970 was our very first self serve rabbit product in the major supermarkets. We were also the first company to offer la gigolette as a cut, and
to develop our ready to cook range quickly, with cuts like roasts and  rabbit fillet skewers for the  BBQ…Milk fed kid meat has over the years also become a recognised product, thanks to our production methods and trade inside knowledge that we have developed by years of experience in meat  preparation methods .


Quality assurance:

We guarantee the provenance of our meat as being of Lapin de France origin, as well as being fed food that is GM free (less than 0.9%) and is 100 % vegetable and cereal based.

For our kid meat business, we have actively taken part in the refinement of the product specifications for the Chevreau de France range and have exclusively marketed milk fed goat.



Our goal: To increase demand for our product, and to change consumer opinion of rabbit!

We want every household to eat rabbit!
It is tasty, healthy and much easier to prepare than you think. We also want to impress our consumers and increase demand for our product.

It’s a high quality and very versatile!
We aim to offer every cut possible for our customers, along with an exciting range of easy recipes to accompany each cut.

We want all consumers to enjoy exciting rabbit dishes.
We want to change your minds about rabbit meat and make you want to eat and enjoy it more often.



A colourful brand…

Our aim is to entice our customers, and to show you exciting new cooking methods!
Our rabbit cuts have become the zeitgeist of today’s eating style, with a wide range of smartly priced bistro style cuts. In the major supermarkets all the cuts are displayed in an eye catching black tray, with an information-packed consumer label (recipe included).
Eye catching style with our black pack, and every cut having handy cooking suggestions!

You simply have to glance at the pack to see how to cook each rabbit cut. Roasted, braised, fried, grilled or even en papillote …There’s something for every taste! Every label has a recipe along with clear preparation instructions.


A company rising to new challenges

With ever evolving markets, consumer habits, advanced technologies, and changes in the agricultural sector… Despite working in a sector where the stakes are high, we still remain innovative, and retain our professional standards while never forgetting our family roots.

We have has adapted our product offer towards a wide range of rabbit and kid cuts to diverse markets: artisan butchers, small and larger supermarkets, restaurants, wholesalers, export and industrial outlets…In each of these markets, we have improved the range we offer, along with a specialised know how for each of these market sectors.



… always by the side of our consumers

We continually strive to find ways to guide our consumers.

  • Our website www.lapin-et-papilles.fr gives recipe tips that are both quick and easy, with the aim to increase demand for serving rabbit.
  • Supermarket promotions take place throughout the year to promote rabbit dishes: High visibility within the butchery department, price reductions plus customer promotions and games…