Large scale distribution

LOEUL and PIRIOT is above all, a history of 2 families…

...specialists for many generations in the preparation and commercialisation of rabbit and kid
meat. We decided in 1983 to unite our joint savoir faire to create one single company.
Becoming a market leader, today our company offers a large range of products, responding
to the needs of a diversified clientele in both large and small supermarkets.

Since its inception, the LOEUL & PIRIOT Group have placed a key importance to both the
quality of their meat and to listening to their client. We have moved with the changing
demands of the consumer, but offering the biggest range within today’s market and in
continually developing new product lines.

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Deep in the heartland of our main production region of kid in France, the LOEUL & PIRIOT
Group is the European market leader of milk-fed kid, thanks to our trade knowledge and a
savoir faire endorsed and recognised by years of experience in butchering and meat

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