Rabbit Meat for Export

LOEUL & PIRIOT’s tour de force lies in its adaptability and its swiftness to react to international requirements, by offering a large range of whole rabbits, rabbit cuts, either fresh or frozen, in a range of presentations.

In addition, the LOEUL & PIRIOT group guarantees the prompt dispatch of orders to multiple international destinations, by working with only best recognised logistic companies.


We are a specialist rabbit meat supplier, which is an integral part of the French culinary tradition. We have adapted our business model to the cultural norms of each of the countries we export to. Also, our LOEUL & PIRIOT rabbit is able to meet different export demands, such as distribution logistics, restaurant trade, and industrial considerations…


Besides this, we offer French sourced quality rabbit meat

  • Born and  raised in France: Certified breeding like no other
  • 100% vegetable and cereal based with added vitamins and minerals (GM free = less than 0.9%)
  • There are several rigorous product specifications in situ, ensuring the animal’s welfare
  • The stock breeders ensure every care and attention is taken over the animals’ daily requirements, according to legal statute. These professional breeders don’t simply adhere to the legal requirements for the care of their animals.
  • They are impassioned about their craft that has been handed down the generations, so they take their roles very seriously. Therefore the stock breeders play a key role in ensuring the welfare of each animal from birth.
  • Animal welfare is assured from the point of breeding to the abattoir, ensuring a minimum of suffering by reducing the time for livestock transport.
  • All animal products are processed in France
  • A stage by stage quality control that is rigorous: We take particular care over food safety, product quality, and adhere to the legal requirements both national and international and respect also each client’s requirements .
  • IFS: The entire LOEUL & PIRIOT Group are accredited with the CERTIFICAT
    (IFS, which is a benchmark within large scale goods distribution, that guarantees the food safely of the certified distributors and offers a benchmark of quality)
  • Provenance: Management from the field to the table

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