The Loeul & Piriot brand offers you a high quality rabbit meat product…

…along with a fine texture and taste, it comes in a variety of cuts so that you can ring the changes with different cooking methods as well as recreate old rabbit meat recipes. It is not only tasty, but so very easy to prepare.

Thanks to our company expertise and savoir faire, Loeul & Piriot has been offering both a quality and varied product since 1906 :

  • It comes in a variety of cuts as well as a whole piece
  • It is suitable for all styles of cooking: Pan frying, grilling, en papillote, roasted and casseroled.

Besides , the Loeul and Piriot brand guarantees a quality end product, that is born and bred in France, and fed on a 100% vegetable and cereal based food, with added vitamins and minerals that is GM free (less than 0.9%)

Our success also lies in us giving tasty recipe suggestions and cooking tips on the packaging label, and invites the consumer to take a look at further cooking advice and recipes on their site


The Loeul and Piriot brand offers cuts and joints for all occasions and tastes

Just take a look at the Loeul & Piriot brand :

  • Our range for the casserole pot offers the  home cook the ability to add a personal twist to their favourite dishes with a range of recipes that can be prepared in just 30 minutes!
  • Thanks to our oven roasted range, you can find tasty and practical recipes that turn out perfect every time.
  • For a tender meat without adding any fat , our en papilotte range is just perfect for those watching their waistline who want to enjoy the taste of rabbit.
  • Our pan fried range allows our rabbit meat to be cooked in the shortest of time, without any loss of flavour in the meat. A gourmet cut that is so easy to prepare!
  • And finally, our grill range adds a touch of originality to your cooking, along with a festive feel to your special occasion meals.


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