Export of Milk-Fed Kid

We are situated right in the heartland of goat herd rearing, and are the European market leader in milk-fed kid, thanks to a decades-long experience in butchering and processing. Thanks to a flexible industrial approach and a wide range of product brands, we have adapted to customer tastes, while staying within the bounds of legislation for the different export markets.

Moreover, we rely on our partners in the logistics sector to ensure a prompt delivery with a minimum of delay, ensuring the quality of the meat.


Milk Fed Kid – A quality and traditional meat

We use kids born, raised and processed in France.

All our kid meat is milk fed. This food imparts and particular flavour and tenderness to the meat.

In addition, we guarantee a quality meat product that fully adheres to the product specifications  for our clients.


From a joint to a cut

We offer a large export range that encompasses both joints and cuts of kid in a range of presentations and ready for cooking formats.


Total assurance of meat quality

Sensory Qualities

Milk-Fed Kid is an exceptional meat, refined to offer an array of flavours.

It’s a meat that should be eaten young so that the rosé meat can be enjoyed at its best. Easy to cook, very tender, and succulent, milk-fed kid lends itself to many methods of cooking and recipes. It should be cooked a point.


Nutritional Qualities

  • High in protein
  • Low in fats

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