We constantly listen to market professionals so that we might better understand their requirements and evolve with changing trends.

LOEUL & PIRIOT offers a permanent range of rabbit meat, adapted to the requirements of food service and the quality required by these professionals.

We offer a wide range: whole cuts, part cuts and rabbit meat dishes



1/ Provenance

  • Only rabbits from the 4 major breeding regions are used: Brittany, Centre Val de Loire, Pays de la Loire, and the Poitou Charentes (Nouvelle Aquitaine).
  • Products are prepared in our plants in Thouars (79)


2 /  In partnership with our stock breeders

  • Several production specifications are in operation mandating a strict and rigorous adherence. For example, regional sourcing, and the measures for Bleu Blanc Coeur.


3 / A controlled animal feed

  • Food that is 100 % vegetable and cereal based, with added vitamins and vegetables
  • GM free (less than 0.9 %)


4 / Product quality

  • Audit and analysis throughout the entire processing procedure
  • Cuts prepared according to the product specifications and accurate for maximum consistency


5/ Recognised industry savoir faire

  • A high standard  butchery, to produce a traditional and quality product
  •  Deboning by hand with a knife.
  •  Product is hand finished (assembled, garnished and tied)


6 /Traceability

  • Managed from supply right through to the plate
  • Provenance printed on every product label



1/ Convenience

  • Product is ready to cook or prepare, and is both quick and easy.


2 / A Choice for every taste

A wide range of recipes on offer: traditional or regional dishes, for your Plats du jour or a la carte.

A range of accompaniment options.

Suitable for all types of hospitality and restaurant dishes.


3 / Nutritional benefits

Low in fat, high in protein.

Rabbit meat is recommended by nutritionists as it has a large quantity of nutritional benefits.


4 / Managed portions control

  • Joint and cut consistency
  • Cost managed portion control
  • Reduced cooking wastage

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