Favourable climatic and agronomic factors make the Poitou Charentes (Nouvelle Aquitaine) a particularly good place for goat rearing. Today this area is home to some 30% of the country’s  livestock. (1).


The slaughter of rabbit and milk fed kid have historically been part of our company’s heritage, given the optimum conditions for rearing and favourable climatic conditions in our area. We have tirelessly worked with both products to bring to the tables of FRANCE a taste of yesteryear, coupled with embracing today’s consumer tastes.


LOEUL & PIRIOT is the European market leader in milk-fed kid, thanks to a savoir faire of decades of our experience in meat processing and butchery.


An ever-evolving market

Milk-fed kid is traditionally eaten at Christmas and Easter, and has for some time retained its festive character.

For several years now, we have put in place a business plan with the following goals in mind:

  • To make kid less of a seasonal meat ( the current production window is between October and May).
  • To diversify the market by developing new cuts for sale.


Mild Fed Goat – A quality meat with a fine tradition

With our partners in the kid meat industry, we have taken an active part in creating a product specification for milk fed kid production ( Viande de Cheverau de France).

Loeul and Piriot market milk-fed kid, born, reared and processed in France.

All the milk-fed kid processed by LOEUL & PIRIOT is milk fed. This brings a particular tenderness and flavour to the meat.


From entire joints to cuts

LOEUL & PIRIOT offers an entire range of whole joints to smaller cuts of milk-fed kid…easy to cook, and well adapted to different ways of preparation and cooking.
From a shoulder to a leg, the cuts make the professional chef’s life and easy one, while enjoying a rediscovery of easy cooking with a uniquely flavoured meat.


A high quality meat

Sensory qualities

Milk-fed kid is an exceptional meat, properly refined in order to offer a variety of tastes.

This meat should be consumed young, in order to fully appreciate the delicate rosé coloured meat, and is so easy to cook. Both tender and flavoursome,milk-fed kid offers itself to be cooked in a variety of ways (roast, sauté pan, skewers…). It should be cooked a point, (rosé) and lends itself well to the aromas of herbs and spices…garlic, rosemary, paprika, sage and even mustard!



Nutritional qualities

  • High source of protein
  • Low in fats


(1) Journal d’information de la region Poitou-Charentes – number 11 April 2014

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